[Voice] [Locked from the people he usually locks from] [Apr. 19th, 2011|03:14 am]
overlords_wrath: (Ah! It's you!)
[Pretend right here there is a picture of a kitchen... old fashioned type one (like here is an oven), of course, but anyhoo... a kitchen and messy doesn't even BEGIN to describe it. It's a DISASTER. Crushed eggs on the floor. Flour and splatters of batter everywhere. Dishes and bowls stacked stupidly high in the sink. And just... words cannot truly describe this. APPARENTLY waffle making happened in this kitchen, but Laharl doesn't know that. All he knows is someone has WRECKED his MOTHER'S kitchen.]

What the HELL is THIS?!??!?!

Someone better start explaining quick, dammit!

...Don't think for a second I'm not referring to you, Timon!

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TIMON.... [Aug. 7th, 2008|03:25 am]
overlords_wrath: (You don't say...)
[Screened from all known Org Members and Death :|]

Since Death is being a bastard... Get over here.

Where was I? ...Imbecile? No. Uh... Halfwit. Dunce. Blockhead.

What the hell happened?! Forget Death, tell me - NOW. She was asking about me, wasn't she? Spill that for starters.


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