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Basic Information
Name: Laharl
Race: Demon
Age: 1314 (Paixao) 1313 (DH)
Height: 135cm (4'5")
Weight: 38kg

(Played by Jen at [community profile] paixaorpg and [community profile] dragonhaven Dragon Haven app is here!)

Character: Laharl (-sama, Lord, King, Your Highness, Overlord, Prince, Lord of Terror)

Series: Makai Senki Disgaea (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness) (More the game than the anime. >.>; At least story wise.)

Version: After Disgaea (and his lil' cameos in PB and MK) Before Disgaea 2 (Which doesn't star Laharl anyways .. So yeah. BP .. "Before Pudding" XD;)

Age: 1313 (So yeaaaaaaah... he's young, 13-14 equivalent maybe? Hard to place with the art design, but can be quite mature for his age ... and also very bratty. lol)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Girls. (Long as they're not shapely. ;P) He's still young (er sorta) and very naive. He probably wouldn't know if he had a crush muchless in love with anyone, even if it hit him on the head. And even if he did figure out what he was feeling there'd be a heap of denial. It's very likely he feels something for Flonne... but you know... dennnnnnnnniiaaaal.


His appearance is that of a boy, short (4'5"!) and scrawny. He has a mop of blue hair, that spikes downwards, but for two, elongated locks, that stick up in a way that almost looks like a kind of antennae. He has pointed ears, blood red eyes and a fair complexion. On his back, usually hidden by his scarf, he also has a pair of tiny, red, demon shaped wings that lay flat against his back, looking like tattoos. Completely undeveloped, perhaps they are a result of his parentage, as his mother was a human.

He wears no shirt, but has a dark red/magenta scarf/cape that wraps around his neck and single long length hovering behind him. It seems magical as he is able to make it shape shift as a shield, grab far objects, become wings and store objects "into" it. (A Scarf of Holding!) A red and white pair of shorts with a wide belt, matching shoes, and a chunky gold choker and bracelets complete his simple outfit.

He also has a pendant given to him by Flonne that came from Celestia that he keeps hidden away in the neck of his scarf from prying eyes. The pendant will burn anyone who touches it who carry wickedness and evil in their hearts.


If you had to describe him with one word: Arrogant.

He's spoilt, rude, selfish, has little patience, loves to gloat, intelligent, bossy, stubborn to the core and extremely confident. He's generally only out for himself (which is the demon way), but will do something for someone else if it'll benefit him in some way or he feels he does want to help them (but will NOT admit to it and will make up, sometimes silly, excuses to try to convince others (and possibly even himself ... whoo denial) that he isn't being nice.)

Some might think him to be rather stupid, but that's not really true. He really is rather intelligent and can be even a bit witty. The problem is he's very implusive, so often takes the kind of 'attack first, ask questions later' approach to things. He has an extremely explosive (sometimes literially) temper with an extremely short fuse. When enraged he will act extremely impulsively and irrationally.

Being short, and child-like frustrates him (in that everyone tends to mistake him for a child and treats him as such), and his explosive personality tends to make him seem like quite the brat, making it even harder for himself to convince people he is more mature. Yet, he can be understanding, quite mature and serious when he wants to be, and yes ... even a little somewhat nice! Sort of. Getting him to admit it is like pulling teeth.

He does not like (or rather tries his best to not like) love, kindness and compassion, having been something he shut out from his life for much of his life, but it's no longer completely out of his capacity to show it in his own, strange way. He can seem uncaring, but that really isn't always the case. He does things for people and cares in his own, very unique, way. He'll do something for someone hidden behind, often made up, alterior motives. Sometimes he's convincing, but those who get to know him better usually can see past his excuses and denial.

He once was wicked, evil and uncaring (as proven by the pendant), but it faded a largely thanks to the the angel Flonne, despite trying to ignore her, she did have an influence on him. Even he's starting to recognise that he isn't what he was, and it baffles him of how it could happen, but he seems to have somewhat accepted it. Despite showing a bit more signs of having a heart, he still often puts up a facade of being an "All-Powerful Evil Overlord",

If there is anything else that Laharl is, he's extremely proud. He's proud of being a demon, and even prouder of his Overlord status. Problem is he's a little TOO proud and has problems admitting when he's wrong or apologising for things he's done. He will step up to any real challenge with a serious face and never turns them down, but can and will walk away if he feels he's wasting his time.


He may look scrawny but he is in fact extremely and deceivingly strong, able to catch a huge blade easily with his palm and carry fairly large or heavy objects like they're nothing. He often will wield a large sword (that is nearly as tall as he is! Yay for a Cosmic Blade!), but also can throw a mean punch. He's fairly fast moving, he can leap and jump very high, and he's very good at dodging (which is even easier when you're a skinny little nothing!). He's also just pretty darn tough. He may look weak, but he can take a beating, and still be able to get back up. Etna's shot him in the head, with little more than him going 'ow', and he jumped into lava to rescue Flonne's pendant. Yep, he's a tough cookie. XDb

Appart from high strength, he also is gifted with a raw infinite power of his own, and also knows a little 'standard' magic spells as well. It reacts a lot to his anger and emotions, and can be manipulated into simple single blasts, but more often he uses it in the form of three attacks.

He has three main attacks that he uses the most and are what you might consider his signature moves:

Blazing Knuckle - A firebased attack that surrounds his fist and with a punch explodes into them. Often he performs it from the air, coming down ontop of the enemy.

Overlord's Wrath - Probably his favorite, an orb based attack of his own power. He can blast singluar orbs of it quickly or cast up a bunch at once surrounding an enemy then direct them down at an enemy, pounding them from all sides at once. Upon impact they explode.

Meteor Impact - His most powerful and devasating ability. He is able to summon a meteor, and send it crashing into his enemies. And, unlike Sephiroth, he can summon several of these in a row before feeling like he needs a break. However it is not a move he often uses as, in Paixao's case, a few of these babies and he'd probably destroy the whole island. Not in his best interest...

With his sword he also has a collection of techniques that use some of his power to make them more magic based in nature, though generally not as powerful as his own techniques.

Blade Rush - A super fast strike of his blade, with a leap backwards at the end.

Hurricane Slash - A quick movement around and around the enemy, creating a vortex that lifts them, allowing him to jump up over them and slam the sword into them.

Wind Cutter - A ranged attack that sends a spinning disc of energy at the target.

Winged Slayer - A air attack, slamming down on the enemy from above.

Night Sever - Boots the enemy in the air and hitting them several times in the air with a last slam back down to the ground.

Dimension Slash - A ranged attack that sends a huge beam of energy down upon the target.

He then also knows a few spells, mostly fire, which are generally basic fireball like explosions. And one super basic heal spell, which he learned off his cleric, but being very weak it doesn't help much in the run of things, and healing magic isn't really his thing, that's what Flonne's for.

Also, as mentioned in description, his scarf/cape also can shape shift. (Which is only thing I'm borrowing from the anime, although tucking his sword mysteriously into his cape, was an action in the game. And shifting to form wings was something in the character design.)

Though he is quite powerful... he's no hero. He isn't out there to help everyone in need, and save the day. He has mostly himself in mind, and if you don't cross him, he's likely to let you go about your business. Challenge him though, and you're likely in for a load of pain.

He has defeated other demon overlords such as Prier and Baal (a legendary demon from an alternate netherworld who his father died from attempting to stop him from coming to their netherworld. Laharl did destroy his body.. but unfortunetly Baal keeps finding a way to come back. Ack.), the witch Marjoly, the Seraph, and also destroyed almost an entire 2 million Armada of human spaceships (but allowed the humans to escape before blowing them up .. didn't want human corpses literin' his Netherworld afterall, of course!)


Sexy women bodies (especially those with large chest sizes ... possibly something that was tramatized into him by a relitive) and extreme optimistic speech (such as: world peace, let's be friends and eternal love) They can quite literally render him ill. He will avoid them at all costs. But his optimistic speech problem isn't quite as bad as it used to be. The chance of KOing him on it alone isn't enough to take him out, but still causes him a great deal of discomfort.

While his arrogance and confidence serve him well, they could also be easily be his undoing, as he could easily get in over his head.

He also has an extremely explosive (sometimes quite literally) temper that has a very short fuse. He'll act very impulsively when enraged, and will not consider the concequences.

He has a hard time showing emotions that involve kindness and love in general. He does have them, and doesn't always realize he's showing them or shows him in a hidden manner. Often, however, he has a hard time understanding them when he does recognise them, or misunderstands them. He's just very clumsy with the whole concept, although is slowly opening up to them and is starting to come to understand them, slowly.

He's also rather naive in the ways of the world outside of the Netherworld, and what he does know is often vague or mis-interpreted as the way demons of the Netherworld see things are very differently from humans.

Potentially Flonne could also be considered a weakness to him ... the only one he's ever shown any compassion for, and perhaps even harbors some sort of feelings for her, though he would never admit to it willingly. (If he could even work out exactly what it is he feels for her.) Whatever it is, he was ready to give up his life to save her. She also reminds him a lot of his mother. He's very protective of her.

He is protective of Etna (who he has a kind of sibling relationship with) and his other vassals in general. After all, only people who can beat on his vassals is him!

He also has abandonment issues. He lost his mother (who he really did love a lot) as a child, and never really came to proper terms with it until recently, and his father died while he sleeping off poison. When Flonne is turned into a flower, he begs to her not to leave him and abandon him like his mother. He also at first did not like his prinny vassals leaving to go to the red moon to be reborn. And lastly, in the 2nd game we learn Etna quit over a stupid arguement over pudding. Despite the hostility between them, Laharl misses her and goes out of his way to try to track her down to convince her to come home. If only he wasn't so darn proud to just go and apologise... (However, for my Laharl, the pudding thing hasn't happened yet. XD;)

In general there's a lot of angst surrounding his mother. It's a touchy subject to him, despite having an understanding now of why she sacrificed herself for him, he still misses her. Flonne stirs up memories a lot of her, as they are rather similar. His mother was a strong believer that demons had love too.



Laharl's mother was a human witch, who King Krichevskoy fell in love with. Early in the prince's life he contracted a disease that not even the King could cure. The only way to cure it was for someone who loved him to give up their life. His mother sacrificed herself for him, despite the King's attempts to stop her, and ever since the prince stopped believing in love, since it was love that took his mother away.

Years later the prince took a nap, only to be rudely woken up by Etna, a vassal, two years later to discover he'd been poisoned, and that while he'd been sleeping his father had died (publicly it was said he died choking on a pretzel, but in fact died attempting to stop an invasion from an alternate netherworld). Not long after, an angel trainee called Flonne was caught sneaking into the palace on a mission to assassinate the King Krichevskoy. Her mission a failure (since he was already dead) she took on her own mission: to find out if demons could love.

After defeating any who would oppose him (including a eccentric demon, called the Dark Adonis - who is renamed to Mid-Boss by Laharl), Laharl became overlord. Peace, however, doesn't last long in the Netherworld, as Laharl quickly faced a new issue, humans. Being fed false information by an angel with ulterior motives by the name of Vulcanus, they sent the defenders of earth, Captain Gordon and his companions to defeat the overlord. Laharl defeats them (adding them to his growing group of servants) and they realize that the general of earth has teamed up with Vulcanus to destroy the Netherworld. They manage to defeat the human ship set to destroy their world, and Flonne brings them to Celestia to speak to the Seraph, now wanting answers.

They manage to fight their way into Celestia, and soon meet the Seraph. Vulcanus's plot to take over not just the Netherworld, but the whole universe is uncovered, and the Seraph punishes him. His attention then turns to Flonne, for her own sins could not be overlooked, and the Seraph transforms her into a flower. New found emotions rise in Laharl, and enraged, he attacks the Seraph, but stops, since killing him won't bring back Flonne and she wouldn't want that. He realizes perhaps now he understands why his mother sacrificed herself and he prepares to do the same to revive Flonne, but is stopped .. by Mid-boss. The Dark Adonis (who might somehow in fact be Laharl's father reborn or something) had been working with the Seraph to bring the two together, he explains. That Flonne was really sent to meet Laharl to begin to reforge the gap that had formed between angels and demons. Pointing him back to Flonne's flower, suddenly it transforms, and Flonne is back, but is no longer an angel. Her true punishment, was to be turned into a fallen angel. They're told that they are the knot that will bind Celestia and the Netherworld together. Neither understands, but one day they will.

More recently he was trapped in a bottle by Etna and ended up in the world of Phantom Brave ... then also had a show down with Zetta from Makai Kingdom .. lost .. "served" him for awhile, till he defeated Baal and destroyed him (again... for good .. he hopes), finally having vengeance for his father’s death.

Laharl and Disgaea is © Nippon Ichi

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